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OKR 101 – set and achieve your goals (with Google’s goal setting method)

THE OKR online course for successful people

Goal setting with OKRs (Online training / eLearning)


Goals are an important element of the us and the key to a happy and fulfilling life. Setting goals or not differentiates those who life a fulfilling life, and the others.

Is it your goal to take on more responsibility in your company? Would you like to learn a new language, lose weight or run a marathon? Whatever your personal goals are, the right method will determine the success of achieving your goals.

This online course “OKR 101” shows you the most important and successful goal-setting method OKR, giving you the shortcut for setting your goals and achieving your goals in the most effective and motivating way. You will learn how to use OKR (Google method) both at work and privately to achieve your own goals and to successfully lead companies and teams with the OKR method.

Course overview


  • The 10 biggest mistakes when setting goals
  • What are OKRs (Google method) and how do they work
  • How goal setting with OKR works
  • How can I achieve goals using OKR
  • Practical examples and exercises for OKR in real life: Define and implement your personal OKR
  • OKR as a leadership tool
  • Bonus: practical tipps, additional materials, and tools

At the end of this online course about OKR you are …


  • Setting goals and priorities in the most efficient way
  • Work continuously at achieving your goals (and enjoy it!)
  • Realise the progress you are making and celebrate it
  • Lead your company and employees with OKRs
  • Be more motivated, focused and successful in business and life

Is this OKR online course for you?


No previous knowledge required about OKRs and goal setting

The course is for everyone interested in improving his goal setting and achieving her goals

No matter your role, if you are a clerk or the CEO, a supervisor or an accountant, we have examples and templates for you.